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Mary Thulin passed away Sept 10. Her memorial service will be held in the Sanctuary, Sept 23 at 10am. Carl Hofmann will officiate.


Joe Robb passed away Sept 7. His service will be held in the Chapel, Sept. 28 at 11am. Carl Hofmann will officiate.

Some First Steps for Planning a Memorial Service

When a loved one dies, it’s often overwhelming. It’s not always clear how to handle the details…or in what order to handle them. Here are some first steps from our Congregational Care Department:


First of all, call the church front office at 303.402.6400. The church office is open Monday–Thursday, 8am to 4:45pm and Friday 8am to 4pm. After hours, please call 303.402.6400 and follow the prompts for the emergency number to leave a message. Your voice mail will be relayed to the pastor on call.


You may request a visit from a pastor and the office will be glad to share with you information about next steps, including planning a service. We can help with a possible date, location, time, associated costs, and the necessary people to involve.


In terms of making arrangements for a memorial service, begin by working as much as possible with the church. While we cannot handle a loved one’s remains (only a funeral home or mortuary can do that), we can secure our Chapel or Sanctuary, find a musical accompanist, assign a pastor, help with ushers, and advise about a bulletin, obituary, and reception. Working to plan a service first through the church (and not a mortuary) can save you significant money in a difficult time.


Work with a mortuary as needed, especially in details of burial or cremation. This is where mortuaries offer specific expertise. There are other details involved, to be sure. But working first through the church will offer you the comfort and familiarity of your church staff, church home and church family. It may also save you money.

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