Our Purpose

The Special Assistance fund exists to assist individuals with one-time critical needs; needs such as shelter, food, clothing, or critical bills that impact a minimal standard of living. It is also available for unexpected emergencies for the individual or immediate family members. The Special Assistance fund exists to create the connection between a needy member of the congregation or community to the grace and providence of our God through the giving of the church to the Deacons' Fund.

Vision Statement

The core mission of the Special Assistance fund is to meet special needs with the mercy and tenderness of Christ. In difficult circumstances, God’s compassion becomes the vehicle to not only meet physical needs, but also to minister to the emotional and spiritual needs of the recipient. This requires prayer, consideration, and a thoughtful discernment to ensure that funds distributed:

  • Align with Biblical principles 

  • Offer a real-life physical manifestation of Christ’s love that does not create unhealthy dependencies, but provide hope and encouragement 


The deacon members of the Special Assistance Fund act on the values of the church, putting the love of God into practice through the giving of support to needy individuals, while acting with the utmost integrity and absolute transparency that does not violate the privacy of the recipients. 



First consideration for special assistance is for church members, then regular attendees, then volunteers active in church-supported ministries or local agencies, and finally to the larger Boulder community.


  1. Requests that exceed sensible boundaries of fund budget, etc.

  2. Applicants who can and should obtain support from local agencies that will meet existing needs

  3. Applicants outside of Boulder County who do not have any logical connection to FPC

  4. Any request that does not align with the core tenets of Scripture and the church

  5. Any request that does not receive unanimous support from the required approvers

  6. Serial requests for assistance from the same individual; exceptions require an additional pastoral approver

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