Appreciated assets

Appreciated Assets


If you are considering making such a donation, please discuss this directly with your financial advisor to determine if giving appreciated securities - and receiving the associated tax benefits -   makes sense for you. The Church sells securities upon transfer, thereby making the proceeds available for funding ministry and mission.

If you are interested in making a gift of appreciated assets, click on the appropriate link, below, to get started.

Gift of Stock - Certificates
Gift of Stock - Electronic
Gift of Mutual Funds

Direct Giving from an IRA for Individuals 70 1/2 or Older


The direct charitable IRA distribution exclusion allows qualified distributions from an IRA to be excluded from the taxable income of a donor. Such treatment is very favorable to certain donors since distributions from a regular IRA are ordinarily taxable and the donor’s ability to deduct a charitable contribution may be limited based on his or her specific circumstances. Additionally, such treatment permits the donor to have a lower adjusted gross income, which may be beneficial for other reasons.

For further questions about giving through appreciated assets please contact Amy Nelson at 303.402.6405   

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