Adult Ministries


I had coffee recently with an 80 year-old member of our church whose spirit was much younger. There’s a warmth and kindness about this person that is winsome and deeply welcoming. I asked, “How do you do it? How do you stay open and not curl inward or grow hard and brittle, as many are tempted to do?”

This friend said it was all about curiosity, about being constantly open to learning and being taught. This allows my friend to learn new technology at this late stage in life, to reach out to younger people, to read books and attend conferences that stretch him and challenge him. Because he was committed to growth and because his curiosity was piqued and drove him to explore and learn, this man’s life was a blessing to many.

How is it with you and your growth? Are you curious? Are you open to being stretched? Adult spiritual formation is all about this! We follow a God revealed in Jesus Christ who is beautiful and mysterious, lovely and unpredictable. My hope for all of us is that we’ll never stop growing and learning. Please explore our offerings and join one of our learning communities.

Warmly in Christ,

Carl Hofmann
Pastor for Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

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